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fcbf708a9198c3ddcd91a5af84a9d97780818f58We provide independent consulting and recommendations to individuals and businesses to reduce, upgrade, or eliminate telecommunications expenses found on your Phone, Wireless and Internet Bills. We also can assist in many other technological tasks you may have on your to do list.

If you are confused about what you are being billed for, and feel you are paying too much for the telecom services you have, we can review all of the billed items and make recommendations to be sure you have all of the services you need at the lowest possible cost. We can also take responsibility for making all of the changes you want, and make sure they are implemented seamlessly, properly, and billed accurately.

It is a known fact that most invoices contain errors that cost you money month after month. It is possable you may be paying for long distance calls that could be free or included by another provider. Do you know that you can have two different long distance carriers, one for intra-LATA calls and one for inter-LATA calls?

Many Small Businesses dont have time to shop phone, voip, and internet services. They continue to overpay for services because a.) their services are working and why fix something that is not broke but when in reality you are being overcharged for a under performing service 90% of the time b.) fear of what head aches could arrise. Such as losing your phone number, being without internet service for a day, or the cutover from one telecommunication provider to another. By choosing you are insuring a seamless process of switching providers or simple upgrading services. We offer full project managment, coordination of cutover dates, and number transfers with providers for a seamless process without any down time.

Since we are an independent consultant and represent all telecommnication providers, we provide unbiased recommendations for any business or organization. We have the knowledge, providers, and experience to review all of your telecom costs and make sure you have all of the services you need at the lowest possible cost. Auditing your telecom invoices is an easy way to reduce the cost of your telecom expenses and put more of your money into your pocket or give you a better product and service for around the same amount of money your paying currently.