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Home rewiring will protect your home from possible electrical hazards caused by old or faulty wiring and bad electrical connections. Homes built prior to 1980 were not wired for the electrical demand that our current lifestyles requires. While appliances are becoming more efficient, we are adding them the numbers beyond the capability of older home’s electrical systems. Computer, home entertainment systems and other high tech electronics are putting more strain on home electrical systems.

How do you know if your home is in need of rewiring?

  • Ungrounded wiring or ungrounded outlets
  • Insufficient power or too few outlets or switches
  • Overuse of extension cords
  • Wired before 1950
  • Cloth-insulated wiring
  • Knob and Tube wiring
  • Aluminum wiring

Rewiring a home involves removing the old wires and installing new ones. Will also review the capabilities of your service panel to make sure it can handle all the electrical loads of your home. Did you know, a partial rewire may be all that’s needed? We will only replace what’s necessary to bring your home “up to code”.

Call TechOut immediately for an in-home electrical inspection. We’ll help you determine whether your home’s wiring is up up to code and ensure that it can handle your home’s electrical requirements.