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Is your home keeping up with the demands of today’s electrical appliances? Many homes aren’t keeping up. That can mean overloaded circuits and electrical hazards that can put you and your home at risk.

Contact the experienced electricians at Tech Out My Pad to make sure that your home has the ability to support your electrical needs.

GFCI Outlets

What’s a GFCI outlet?

A GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) detects current in an appliance that is no longer flowing in its proper circuit. It shuts off the current within milliseconds. GFCI outlets look different from ordinary outlets. They have two buttons labeled “Test” and “Reset.” You can check that a GFI is working by pressing “Test.” When you press the “Test” button it should shut off current to the outlet so that the outlet no longer provides power. After the test, you can restore current to the outlet by pressing “Reset.”

It’s a good idea, and a requirement by code in our area to have GFCI outlets installed in areas including: pools, garages, kitchens, bathrooms, near spas, and in some other outdoor areas.

Upgrades and Improvements

  • Contact our licensed electricians for circuit breaker replacement service to make your home a safe place.
  • Improve your home safety by Installing GFCI and AFCI outlets to protect you and your family.
  • Install a whole house surge suppressor to protect computers and home electronics.
  • Stop tripping circuits, upgrade special rooms in your home like kitchen, bathrooms, and offices with dedicated circuits.
  • Home Rewiring Upgrades