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Distributed Cell Tower Antenna Systems

Have you ever been frustrated by cell signal or bandwidth at a concert, sporting event, or at the mall on the weekend?  Or sitting in a high-rise during the work week with Zero bars?  A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) from TechOut is a way to deal with isolated spots of poor coverage inside a large building  or outdoor space by installing a network of relatively small antennas throughout the building to boost the signal.

There are multiple ways the system gets installed and why- whether the carrier asks to boost the signal, or if the landlord wants to provide enhanced coverage for employees or customers.  Installation is a critical part of the deployment as an improper install can hamper the signal strength for the consumer.  TechOut has an excellent program for delivering DAS installations in a variety of environments.

TechOut provides sales, service, and support for businesses and homes with poor cell phone reception. We carry multiple outdoor cell phone antennas to help the performance of your:

  • Cell Phone
  • Smartphone; iPhone, Blackberry and Android
  • Wireless Data Card
  • Tablet
  • Wireless Alarm Panel

There are several obstacles that can contribute to the poor reception you receive indoors:

  • Location of the cell phone tower in relation to you
  • Obstructions caused by buildings, terrain and trees

An Outdoor Cell Antenna improves indoor cell phone signal by capturing and enhancing outside signal, then bringing it indoors. It will increase signal for voice transmission, data speed and provides solutions for the 89% of cell phone owners experiencing problems with their cell phone service, including dropped calls, poor signal reception or dead zones.